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Become the YOU you want to be - uncover the Hidden World of YOU!

The Hidden World of YOU is a self paced online learning platform that has been developed after listening to the needs of our community.

We have been supporting mental and emotional wellbeing since 1994 and in that time we have heard you want

  • Online
  • Self Paced
  • Affordable
  • Written by experts
  • Delivered with humour
  • Small bite sized pieces of information that you don’t need a degree to understand
  • Useful
  • Practical
  • Engaging 

You spoke, we listened!

Our online courses focus on the life areas of Mental and Emotional Health, Lifestyle and Motivation,, Parenting, Sex nd Relationships and Legal. 

You can work at your own pace to be the best version of yourself.

There is no magic pill to finding out who you are or  who you want to be. Hidden World of you will help you take steps in the right direction.

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Love being a part of the Hidden World of YOU! I never thought self compassion, vision boards, self care would be for me but every course I watch has helped me realise the kind of person I want to be and given me skills to try and get there! Thank you HWY for all the courses!
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Is it time to crack the shell and discover the Hidden World of YOU?

There is no magic pill to finding out who you are or who you want to be! The Hidden World of YOU will help you take steps in the right direction - even if you don't know what direction you want to go yet!

Invest in yourself! You're worth it!

It’s easy to make excuses as to why now isn’t the right time. The reality is, it is never the right time. 

If you wait until the right time you will never get started. NOW is a great time to start and NOW is a great time to begin your journey to unlocking your potential!

You will get unlimited access to more than all our courses, with new content being added regularly, for only $15 per month or $120 a year and you can cancel at any time. We want you to be sure this is right for you so we are offering 7 day free trial! 

Nothing to lose and YOU (everything) to gain!

100% of the profits goes directly to supporting vulnerable and disadvantaged women and families.

The Hidden World of You is an arm of Gosnells Women’s Health Service (GWHS). GWHS is a non-profit that trades as WHWS and WACPPS. 

Women’s Health and Wellbeing Services supports the mental and emotional health of vulnerable and disadvantaged women in Western Australis. 

WA Centre for Perinatal Mental Health and Parenting supports families in the perinatal period (conception until 4 years old) and beyond in WA.

We have been supporting women, children and families since 1994. We are committed to continuing to grow and expand our services but government funding does not match the growing need for services in our community. Hidden World of You is a for purpose business with 100% of profits going back to the community to support mental and emotional wellbeing of our most vulnerable.

Hidden World of You means that location, time, availability and gender is not a barrier to making positive personal change. Also, all funds raised go directly to supporting the in person services offered by WHWS and WACPPS.

Doing good by doing well!

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There is no magic pill to finding out who you are, who you want to be and, once you have worked that out, to the actually making the steps in the right direction to become that person. That’s why we have created the Hidden World of You.