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Mental and Emotional Health

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Dealing with Stress
Stress – The Good, The Bad, The Management. In this course, Mike goes over what stress is, what stress...
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Men and PNDA
How postnatal depression and anxiety (PNDA) impacts: Your partner Your relationship Yourself
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Self Compassion
Self compassion is the new black! Research is showing that being kind to ourselves actually helps us...
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Shifting your perception of anxiety
Shifting Your Perception of Anxiety
Change your relationship with anxiety. Using tools such as mindfulness, self-acceptance and self-compassion,...
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The Little Book on Boundaries
What the heck are boundaries and why are they so important? Boundaries help us have healthy relationships...
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Lifestyle and motivation

Making Cents of Money
Money has the power to cause much stress and frustration in our lives. It can affect our mental health,...
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Making Peace with Food
Making peace with food is all about a new way to approach food in regards to eating and weight loss....
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Vision Board for Clarity
Do you have a vision for your future? Do you want to create a vision for your future. Many people want...
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Sex and relationships

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Breaking Up with Bad Relationships
Do you find yourself stuck in repeating patterns of toxic or unhealthy relationships? Why does someone...
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Dating After Divorce
Congratulations you’re single again! Dating after the break-up after a long-term relationship can be...
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Talking to Your Kids About Sex
Talking to kids about sex can be tough for both the children and the parents! So where do you even start?...
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Managing Big Feelings
As parents, it can feel especially challenging when we are faced with unwelcome behaviours from our children....
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Tired mother holding baby
Not What I Was Expecting
Motherhood doesn’t always look like a TV commercial. Is your experience of having a baby not what you...
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Mother comforting child with anxiety
Supporting Children with Anxiety
When a child is struggling with anxiety it is natural to want to FIX it. Unfortunately, some intuitive...
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Surviving ATAR
A 30 minute webinar designed to be filled with useful strategies and skills that students (from teens...
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Family Dispute Resolution
What is Family Dispute Resolution? Where an independent mediator called a Family Dispute Resolution...
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Family Law & Parenting
Divorce or Separation is a difficult process for all involved. In this information session, our resident...
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Property settlement after separation
Property Settlement after Separation
We understand what a stressful time property settlement after separation can be, so this information...
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