Breaking up with Bad Relationships

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Breaking up with Bad Relationships

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Breaking up with Bad Relationships

Do you find yourself stuck in repeating patterns of toxic or unhealthy relationships? Why does someone who seem so perfect for us suddenly seem to change? It can be so frustrating (let alone emotionally painful) to find yourself in a bad relationship, again.

This online course and ebook will help guide you out of this pattern, teach you how to attend to your own needs first and be alert to red flags in relationships.

HWY is a sister organisation to Women’s Health and Wellbeing Services, we have been supporting the mental and emotional wellbeing of families since 1994. We have supported hundreds if not thousands of women and their families through difficult relationships.

What this Breaking up with Bad Relationships course offers:

  • Reflections to recognise and understand old patterns
  • Practical tips to stop self limiting beliefs
  • Tools to identify risk factors and red flags
  • Skills to build our own self worth 


Are you sick of repeating old patterns and ending up in toxic or unhealthy relationships? Do you want to make positive change? This course is for you!

No one ever sets out to be in an unhealthy relationship. We all strive for our own happily ever after where our needs and those of our partner are met in a shared life that is built together.

Sometimes that fairy tale doesn’t happen straight away and what we thought was promising, turns out to be toxic.

You may think that from the outside, a toxic relationship is easy to spot. However, when you are the one in the relationship, you can often be blinded by flashes of romance that masks the toxicity.

If that’s the case—and you suspect you’re in a toxic relationship—we know it’s tough. But it may be time to make some healthy adjustments.

Key topics:

  • Recognising red flags
  • Understanding your self worth
  • Limiting self beliefs
  • Breaking old patterns
  • Being Vulnerable


The sooner you have the tools to know your self worth and break out of old patterns, the sooner you will be on track to finding your love story. What are you waiting for?

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  • Downloadable daily self worth affirmations (Valued at $15.00) 

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If you are looking for support for family and domestic violence or sexual violence here are some supports:

  • Women’s Domestic Violence Helpline: 1800 007 339
  • Men’s Domestic Violence Helpline: 1800 000 599
  • Sexual assault resource centre: 1800 199 888
  • 1800 respect: 1800 77 732
  • Crisis care: 1800 199 008
  • Lifeline: 131114
  • Kids Help Line: 1800 551 800
  • Financial counselling Australia: 1800 007 007
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