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Surviving ATAR

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Surviving ATAR

As parents we want our teens not only to survive ATAR but to thrive in this important moment in their lives. 

HWY is a sister organisation to Women’s Health and Wellbeing Services, we have been supporting the mental and emotional wellbeing of families since 1994. We have supported hundreds if not thousands of teens and their families through the stress of ATAR.

What does surviving ATAR offer:

  • How to get through ATAR mentally whole
  • Practical tools to empower ATAR students to look after their mental health
  • Simple ways that parents can support your teens
  • Transferrable skills that will serve your teen through future exams and stressful life events
  • A step in the right direction for long term positive mental health.

Feeling stressed and overwhelmed? Anxious and out of your depths? This course will help clear your mind and help you focus.

So many parents are worried about the stress and strain that ATAR will have on their children. I’m sure many of us have our own story of the really smart kid in our class who had a break down in the first TEE exam (or what ever it was called then) and crying and having to be escorted out of the exam room. We worry that will be our child.

Perhaps we just worry that nerves will get the better of them and they wont perform at their best. 

If that happens, they may not get the score they need. What will that mean? The list of concerns is LONG!


Valuable resources are provided to help you and your child through the final stages of their ATAR journey.

The Presenter:

The Surviving ATAR course is written by an experienced counsellor with qualifications in  psychology.

Bree has taken the common issues that have come up during in person anxiety groups and one on one sessions with children, teens and adults during the last decade to tailor this course.

It has been written to reduce those common feelings of stress and overwhelm and help people who feel anxious and out of their depth.

Self-care is so important, by reducing stress and anxiety students will be better able to focus during their study sessions and therefore retain more information. Then, during exams, they will have strategies to recognise the symptoms of stress and anxiety, take a moment to focus and they will be able to perform at their best during the exam.


Key Topics:

  • Making a plan
  • Balance
  • Self Care
  • Goal Setting
  • Calming Exercises
  • How to Reward Yourself
  • Managing Stress
  • Getting the most out of your study sessions


The longer your child has to practice the skills that they will gain from this course the better the results. What are you waiting for?

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  • 30 Day Self-care downloadable resource (Valued at $15.00)
  • Self care planner downloadable resource (Valued at $15.00) 

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