The Little Book on Boundaries

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The Little Book on Boundaries

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What are boundaries and why are they so important? Boundaries help us have healthy relationships with those around us, to know our limits and build a strong sense of self.

HWY is a sister organisation to Women’s Health and Wellbeing Services, we have been supporting the mental and emotional wellbeing of families since 1994. 

What does the little book of boundaries offer:

  • How to implement healthy boundaries to establish a strong identity.
  • Practical tips to set strong psychological, emotional and physical boundaries. 
  • How to build your self confidence to say no to people.


If you struggle to say no, feel like there’s something wrong in some of your relationships or struggle to focus on yourself and your needs, then this course is for you!

Boundaries create trust and build healthy relationships. Even when some people don’t like what you do, they will likely still respect you for standing up for what you believe in.

Healthy boundaries are necessary components for self-care. When we set boundaries, we are less angry and resentful because our needs are getting met. This creates a stable structure to build healthy and happy relationships on.

Benefits of Setting Boundaries:
  • Builds greater self-esteem.
  • Brings focus to yourself and your well-being.
  • Enhances your mental health and emotional wellbeing.
  • Avoid burnout.
  • Develop independence.
  • Gain a greater sense of identity.

Key Topics:

  • Overcoming Guilt
  • How to set boundaries
  • Types of boundaries
  • Self reflection
  • Boundary problems
  • Learning how to say NO!
  • Our own needs


The sooner you are able to recognize and implement boundaries in your life. The happier and more confident you will become.

This course includes:

  • 30 minute informative course broken up into small manageable sections (Valued at $49.99)
  • E-book (Valued at $30.00)


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