Vision Board for Clarity

Vision Board for Clarity

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A visual representation of your goals!

Do you have a vision for your future? Do you want to create a vision for your future? Many people want to create positive change in their life but they don’t really know what that change looks like or why it looks the way it does. How do you achieve your goals if you don’t know what your goals look like?

This course goes beyond just gluing and sticking to look at your WHY!

Vision boards aren't magic, they are a way to focus your energy on creating the change you want to see in your world.

What does this vision board course offer?

  • We share the importance of visualisation, coaching you through powerful and practical exercises to uncover your true values and purpose.
  • Guides you through creating a roadmap for your dream life.
    A step by step process to guide you through different types of boards and platforms.
  • Practical strategies to achieve your goals faster and guide you through kicking bad habits and embed good ones.

A step-by-step course to help reset and renew.

This is more than just a vision board workshop. It aims to add clarity to your desires and feeling to your vision. It aims to take you from a place of ‘I don’t know what I want but I know it isn’t this’ to ‘if not this then what?’ to ‘not this but that’ and look at the underlying vision and values that you hold important.

Emma combines the science of visualisation, meditation and her professional experience and knowledge to guide you through finding your purpose, creating a vision board and breaking limiting beliefs to help you achieve your goals.

These 5 short modules take you through a number of exercises to get you thinking and reflecting on who you are and who you want to be. 

Key Topics:

  • Journaling prompts
  • Visualisation
  • Goal Setting
  • Implementing Change
  • 1 hour informative course broken up into small manageable sections (Valued at $99.99)
  • Downloadable vision board planner (Valued at $15.00) 
  • Workbook (valued at $15:00)


Total value of $163.99 for only $49.00

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Are you ready to see what you want your life to look like and start taking steps to make your vision a reality?

Want to see what the course is all about?

Check out a couple of short clips from the course to give you an idea around how the course is presented.

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