Goal Setting and Vision Boards for 2023

Well, you have survived the festive season, danced your way through the new year and now it is 2023! 

As you’re nursing your champagne hangovers and getting back on track with everyday life, there’s a big chance you are vowing to be a healthier, fitter and a better version of yourself in 2023.  

For many people this means writing down a HUGE list of new year’s resolutions or goals for the year to come. As many of you may know, these are often very unrealistic expectations of yourself that often end in failure or even if you do achieve your goal, it’s likely that you’ll revert to old habits once you have achieved it. 

Goal Setting

So how do we set ourselves up to ensure we not only reach our goals but stick to them and create positive lifestyle changes that are sustainable and going to benefit both our physical health and our mental wellbeing. 

Goal and intention setting

  • Try to spend some time reflecting on the year that has passed. What went well? What didn’t go well? What’s something you want to improve on?  
  • You can also turn your answers from your reflection questions into SMART goals for the New Year 
  • In addition, start planning your goals around different categories of life. These could be: 
    • Personal Finance 
    • Career 
    • Education
    • Fitness/Health 
    • Adventure/Self-care 
    • Spirituality 
    • Relationships 
Vision Board

Create a Vision Board

  • Now that you have written some goals down, creating a vision board can be a positive visual representation of your goals that you can look at daily to remind yourself of what you want to achieve or what you want your life to look like.  
  • By creating a vision board that you can reflect on daily allows you to visualize your goals and achieve your dreams by harnessing the Law of Attraction.  
  • Furthermore, once you have a finished product that is motivational and clear, reflect on it daily to help you manifest your dreams into reality. Check in with yourself frequently and let your vision board be the guide on how you think, act, and accomplish tasks that move you closer to accomplishing these goals. 

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