Encouraging Yourself to Live Life with Passion

Mostafa Ibrahim's Quote and its Impact

How do we encourage ourselves to overcome self limiting beliefs and live life with passion?

I saw post this morning with a quote from Mostafa Ibrahim:

After reading it I was reflecting, I hope I am never the person who is responsible for someone putting limits on themselves.


I wanted to take a minute to flip it on it’s head. I want to be the kind of person who encourages others to live life with passion.


So I re-worked it:

How We Limit Ourselves

The Self-Imposed Limits

That got me thinking back to Ibrahim’s original quote.

What if that person was ourself?

How many people are the reason that they don’t sing or the reason that they now dress to blend in rather than stand out? How many people have been their own worst enemy and have been their own nay sayer and instead of telling themselves to go after their dreams they instead shut down their goals and their dreams and were demotivating or sarcastic to themselves?

Flipping the Script

How do we flip that? Still thinking of ourselves, what would it take to be our own champion? What would it look like or feel like if we sang out loud and didn’t stop ourselves because we can’t hold a tune? What would it be like if we didn’t care what others thought and we practiced dopamine dressing and we dressed in our own unique way? How would it be, when we had goals or aspirations, if we were our very own cheerleader?

Celebrating and Uplifting Ourselves

How would life be different if we celebrated and uplifted ourselves instead of listening to and magnifying our inner critic?

Sharing the Thought and Sparking Change

I didn’t start writing this as a sales pitch, that isn’t my intent. My intent is to share this thought and what a random Facebook post sparked in me this morning and to hopefully spark a similar thought in others, but since I have your attention, when we are asking how do we encourage ourselves to overcome self-limiting beliefs and live life with passion, how do we become our own champion, that is what Hidden World of You is all about.


If you’re interested in supporting yourself to be the best version of yourself, check out our website and see what courses we have to offer.

Invest in yourself and take the first steps towards living a life with passion. 


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