Subscriptions are the most cost effective way to access the courses from Hidden World of You! you get access to all courses for a low fee.

Variety and Flexibility

You don't know what you don't know. One of the great things about the subscription is that you not only have access to the course that you originally signed up to do, but also a range of courses that you may never have thought to look at but that actually offer you learning in an area you didn't know you needed!

Continuous Learning and Updates

We are adding new courses regularly so with the subscription you will have access to the courses that are available now and the ones that we add as we add them.

Cancellation Flexibility

All subscriptions can be canceled or paused at any time, providing flexibility if your circumstances change or if you no longer require access to the courses.

Start Today. Now.
Find Yourself.

There is no magic pill to finding out who you are, who you want to be and, once you have worked that out, to the actually making the steps in the right direction to become that person. That’s why we have created the Hidden World of You.