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Thanks for joining us for the ‘Goal Setting – Beyond SMART Goals’ workshop with Sista Fitness.

Notes from the workshop:



Moving beyond SMART goals: GROW

G: Goal – be specific. What does this actually look like?

R: Reality – how is now different to your end goal? Be specific.

O: Opportunities – list at least 6 things that you can do to move you closer to your goal. It doesn’t matter if it is silly, just because you write it down doesn’t mean you will do it or even think about doing it. It is the activity of thinking outside the box that opens your mind.

W: Way forward – What will you actually do to move you one step closer to your goal?


What will you celebrate and how? What is a healthy celebration? How do we rethink the way we celebrate?

How will you measure it and keep yourself accountable?

Habit Tracker
Try our habit tracker or create your own.

Do you have an accountability buddy? Who can help keep you motivated and on track?

What's your why?

Go beyond the obvious. Why is this important to you? Why do you want this?

Post this in places to remind yourself of your big why! 

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Reclaiming me:

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