Thanks for attending ‘Self Care 101’ at Let’s Connect.

Thanks for attending Self Care 101 at Let's Connect Armadale

As we only had 20 minutes there wasn’t enough time to really dig deep into Self Care. Here is an information booklet I put together to add to the information we had on the day. 

I Matter: The Power of Self Care

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Information booklet focused on Self Care

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In 2019 the World Health Organisation officially recognised work place burn out as a medical diagnosis.  According to research from Indeed, 58% of employees surveyed identified as suffering from burn out and almost 40% of those said it was worse as a result of the pandemic.


In this episode Emma spoke with Dr Jenny Brockis, author of ‘Thriving Mind’, award-winning speakerfacilitator, author, and board-certified lifestyle medicine physician. I spoke with Jenny about her own experiences of burn out and the recovery as well as hints and tips on how to recognise the warning signs and actually do something about them.


Check out our Self Care playlist from our YouTube channel, there are practical tools and skills that you can use to increase your self care practice.

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Thanks for attending ‘Self Care 101’ at Let’s Connect.