2.3. The “But I used to..”

The Presenter

2.3. The “But I used to..”

They used to work full time, co-ordinate their friends into social events, watch their favourite TV show, service their own motorbike, and be able to tell you where all your matching pairs of socks were… and then it all comes crashing down.

Kinda hard to organise a little ball of tears, giggles and poop that doesn’t care even a little bit that THERE WAS A SCHEDULE DAMMIT!!

Where this becomes unhelpful to everyone is somewhat like the “I’m fine”; in that suddenly what used to make sense and performed like it was supposed to… suddenly doesn’t.

And the pre/post baby brain is not doing so well with accepting the new ‘normal’.

Regardless of the archetype your partner fits into (or their own very independent presentation…) it is important to realise that they are still the person you fell in love with, they are just a little overwhelmed at the moment.