3.2. Post-birth

The Presenter

3.2. Post-birth

Let’s start this off by acknowledging that things are pretty bloody chaotic right now.

Life as you knew it has probably changed. Both internally, and externally!

Externally, there is a little person that vaguely resembles a potato with legs making some big waves. Routines are out the whack. Sleep? You think you remember what that was.

Hobbies? Had a dream the other day they still existed… good times.

Your partner is also going through all this as well… just add hormones and emotions. Like a metric ton of hormones and emotions.

Internally, we have to address the elephant in the room… or, to use a term that is probably more familiar, the Black dog in the room. Male depression is often not what people expect. It’s not usually sadness. It’s actually more often numbness and confusion (which is sometimes scarier), it’s frustration and irritability, it’s feeling lost and overwhelmed, it’s feeling useless and not “on your game”.

It’s having no motivation to do anything you used to enjoy, it’s feeling disconnected from people, places, and interests.

Why bring up male depression? Isn’t this supposed to be about your babies and families and stuff? I’m glad you asked!

It is pretty much accepted that when someone is emotional, they impact those around them.

There are ways of considering this psychologically, neurologically, and socially… however, the key takeaway is that if you are depressed, this is likely to affect your partner both emotionally, and will change how you interact – both with your partner, and with the aforementioned little person.

The point of this? To point out that it is actually better for the whole family that you have time to yourself.

Now, to be clear; this also applies to your partner!

However, we will get to that in a bit. What you need to be aware is that things have changed. That does not mean that you stop doing stuff, however you modify it.

And, in the name of all the Gods, you are probably doing way better than you think you are!