4.1. Communication

The Presenter

4.1. Communication

I mentioned communication. That is the most important, absolute, complete, and most important thing to be aware of!

And yes. I know I said most important twice. That’s because it is just that important.

During all the chaos, the disruptions, the opinions and suggestions of everyone; there are going to be 2 adults and [insert appropriate number here] children that need to take centre stage. By all means, listen to and consider everyone vaguely important to you… however the final decision has to be you two.

Now, obviously, listen to the professionals (Doctors, nurses, specialists) the most, however generally these people are going to make suggestions and instructions that feel right. Trust your gut across all the other bits of advice (etc.) you get.


The fundamentals of any relationship are trust and vulnerability; that is, the ability to tell your partner what is actually going on for you, and to know that they are going to hear you, and not judge you for any fears, concerns, or emotions. And of course, this goes both ways.

Handy trick for the stereotypically brained males amongst us…

Don’t try and solve the problem unless that is specifically what you are being asked to do! We have a tendency to see anything that is upsetting or worrying our partners as problems to be solved (we just want them to feel better… if the problem isn’t there anymore? Boom! Problem solved).

However, sometimes it is necessary to ask your partner if they just want to vent, or if they want your assistance. Sometimes there will be things that you can’t solve, your partner just needs to get it out of their head.