4.3. Mindfulness

The Presenter

4.3. Mindfulness

Mindfulness – the term will possibly come with a whole load of baggage in your head. However, I am going to bring it up here, because it plays very heavily into selfcare.

Mindfulness, in its purest form, is noticing. 

Whatever you are doing, do it with conscious attention. Focus on it. Lose yourself in it. It is literally that simple. 

We also want it to be meaningful to you. What works for one person may not work for you. Going for a ride on your motorbike while listening to Pirate Metal works brilliantly for me… that does not, even a little, mean I would say it’ll work for you.

Self-care is something that ideally you would be doing daily, for around 30 minutes. Like I said, ideally both parents get to do this… so you can’t go play a video game for 4 hours. That’s probably not self-care.

Make it a structure in your day, that both parents can do. This will help both of you to be in a better place to communicate (remember that was the really important one) and to generally be ok.